Wow! What a year 2019 has been. We’ve read so many great reviews and stories from our renters about their amazing experiences out on the water these past twelve months. It wouldn’t be possible without our incredible owners and captains who go above and beyond for renters and guests. 

The annual Best of GetMyBoat awards recognize owners who have provided top-notch water experiences to renters all around the world. The best owners help travelers and locals in their area, getting them out on the water in with ease. We’ve seen hundreds of happy reviews from renters who loved their day out with their GetMyBoat rental, and this has helped us to grow a fantastic community. 

From seeing pods of wild dolphins to proposals, weddings, and even burials-at-sea, we are thrilled to have so many people around the world choosing to use our captains and owners for their boating needs and special days.   

The selection criterion for the Best of GetMyBoat owners includes customer reviews, responsiveness, and customer service. Top owners take each booking seriously and help guests to feel at home on their watercraft, providing the best possible experience for their guests. 

Benefits of being in the Best of GetMyBoat 

When you’ve earned Best of GetMyBoat, you receive benefits on the platform. A few of those include: 

  • Your Boats will have a higher search ranking on the platform
  • Your “Best of GetMyBoat” badge will display on your owner profile. The badge assures renters they are booking a top experience and increases the chances they will book with you right away.
  • You will secure more trip bookings overall. Recognition as a top owner leads to increased bookings and more business for you through the platform. 
  • You’ll also receive exclusive extras & prizes. 

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How to Earn Best of GetMyBoat in 2020

Any GetMyBoat owner can earn a spot on the list in 2020. The key is creating an unforgettable experience for the renters who take out your boat, and encouraging them to come back for another trip!  

Here are some ideas on how to boost your chances of recognition in 2020:

Quick responses and clear offers. 

Renters appreciate timely responses and clear communication. By making sure everyone is on the same page Make sure you’re always checking your GetMyBoat inbox and answering all parts of customer’s questions when sending offers or replies.


Being understanding of customer’s needs to make changes to scheduling, pick-up locations, or other details will help you stand out as a superb owner.

Include exclusive extras and unique offerings. 

Whether it’s offering a complimentary bottle of champagne on board or taking guests for a sunset cruise to a secret spot, offering little surprises will make the experience unique and memorable for your guests.  

Provide excellent service.  

Always make sure your boat is clean and matches the description. Be on time, friendly, and accommodating. Safety is always a top priority. Caring for your guests and doing your best to provide a great experience will help to make you a top owner on GetMyBoat.