Australia is the only country surrounded by the ocean from all sides. Therefore, fishing has been one of the most popular activities in this place for centuries. Most of the famous fished-for species around the world are found in this area.

  • The Australian flathead ranks as one of the top species that are fished regularly. This fish is typically found in estuaries and coastal bays including Port Phillip Bay, from Cairns in Queensland to the Gippsland Lakes in Victoria. It can also be found on sand, gravel, mud, and seagrass. One of the reasons why it is the most commonly fished species is because one does not need to know the area well enough to fish for it. This fish can be easily caught in most of the Australian tidal estuaries along the roadside. Flathead can easily be identified by its unusual body shape, upon which its hunting strategy is also based. It has a very low height and its body is wide and flat. It is elongated, the tail is vertical, and the mouth is large, wide, and symmetrical. Also, it has two antlers on top of their head which contain venom; it can cause pain and infection. Although they are caught all year round, their peak hunting season is during summers. They take many baits; live, frozen, or fresh cut-baits and artificial lures. They release well and are also quite famous for their excellent taste.
  • Barramundi is another famous fish species known in Australia. It can easily be identified by its pointed head, concave forehead, large jaw extending behind the eye, elongated body, and rounded caudal (tail) fin. Its color varies from silver to muddy brown and weighs around 10 kilograms to 20 kilograms and can reach lengths of more than 1 meter. It inhabits a wide variety of habitats including tidal rivers, freshwater lagoons, and coastal foreshores. It is popular for its mythical strength and agility, and its taste. The fight it puts up is something to be savored by its catchers. It is best to go for Barramundi fishing at early morning, late afternoon, or night. The most common fishing method with Barramundi is using hard-bodied lures with a slow, twitching retrieve with occasional hard twitches. Methods, like using live bait rigs and trolling with diving minnows, can also be used.

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  • Black bream is a name familiar to almost all the anglers in Australia. This easily distinguished fish, with its brown ventral and anal fins, nearly scale-less head with a mouth of moderate size compared to its body size, and spines on its dorsal, ventral, and anal fins, is found from Shark Bay in the north all the way to the South Australian border in the south. It is found in estuaries and rivers and can also be caught in shallow rivers or deep waters. This is one of the reasons why these fish are so popular: they can be caught at any time of the day and with all kinds of baits and lures.
  • Another name frequently found in the list of highly fished-for species is the Pink Snapper which can never be mistaken for any other type of fish because of its pink to copper color tones and bright blue spots on the ventral surface of juveniles. It grows slowly and can weigh up to about 16 kilograms. It is found from Coral Bay in the north to the South Australian border. The smaller fish can be caught in shallow waters but the larger ones are usually found in deep patches. Snapper are fished on baits such as slimy mackerel, pilchard, squid and octopus and can also be caught by using lead head jigs and metal lures. Snapper season begins around October and last for about three to four months. It fights hard, is very difficult to catch, and tastes great. These characteristics attract a lot of anglers and fishermen.
  • Mulloway is among those top fish which are highly prized by most of the anglers in Australia. There are very few anglers who have not dreamt about catching this one. One of the best parts of fishing for mulloway is that it can be done all year. This fish is characterized by a black spot in front of its pectoral side fin, thick tail wrist, and flatter caudal fin. It ranges from silver to bronze in color and can weigh up to 60 kilograms, though the ones usually caught range from 3 kilograms to 15 kilograms. The Exmouth Gulf in the north to the South Australian border in the south is considered to be the hotspot for mulloways. It generally inhabits temperate marine waters, off-shore reefs, estuaries and coastal waters to a depth of 100 meters. The tactics used to catch this fish vary from area to area. They can easily be caught with light rods as they do not fight hard. 

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These are among the top most fished for species in Australia. It is always beneficial to learn about the fish before fishing for it as it can help you learn different techniques to catch the fish of your choice. Australia has thousands of fishing charters available, so choose one and good luck!