Last time we brought our readers the best boating destinations in the Wild West and now it is time to explore the East Coast of the United States. Whether you want to escape civilization or live the high life, the East Coast has it all. These Top Ten East Coast Boating Destinations will satisfy a homebody’s need for rest and relaxation or curb the cravings of a thrill seeker.

Rent a Boat in Newport, Rhode Island

Offering an abundance of beaches, bays, and islands, Newport, Rhode Island is a hub for vacationers, outdoorsmen, and locals alike. At Narragansett Bay, described as the sparkling, geographic, jewel of Rhode Island, you can choose from a variety of boating activities like sailing, boating, fishing, kayaking, cruising, swimming, and seal watching. Those are just a few of the choices. After spending the day on the water, you can settle into one of the historical villages that surround the bay and contemplate your next activity. Additionally, nature offers yet another outlet for energy and if you are not too tired after a day on the water, Newport’s nightlife awaits.

Martha’s Vineyard, Massachusetts

“The Vineyard” is 100 square miles of an island located off the southern coast of Cape Cod, Massachusetts. While it may seem small for an island, this affluent, summer destination packs a punch and offers various activities from beach lounging, an art-house cinema, various film festivals, and fine dining in the evening. The year-round population is quaint at 15,000 but booms in the summer to more than 100,000 so you will be in good company.

Martha's Vineyard.jpg

Westhampton, New York

Westhampton offers a quiet and secluded atmosphere that caters to rest and relaxation at a manageable, two-hour train ride from Manhattan. If you choose to rent a seaside bungalow, an abundance of surf clubs, sailing schools, beaches, and seafood will keep you occupied for the duration of your stay. Water sports such as jet skiing, parasailing, windsurfing, surfing, and paddleboarding will break up your beach days while crabbing, fishing, and yachting are potential day-long retreats.

Indian River and Seashore State Park, Delaware

If you are searching for a quiet, quaint, and relaxing getaway, the Indian River in Delaware is the vacation for you. Indian River Marina, located in the Delaware Seashore State Park near Rehoboth Beach, is the launching point to epic fishing and festivals. Absorb your daily dose of sunshine and relaxation as you fish the day away, canoe, or kayak across the waters of the Indian River inlet. Wranglers and boaters that are looking to stay overnight can rent cozy cottages on the banks of the river.

Rent a Boat in Annapolis, Maryland

Located on the Chesapeake Bay, Annapolis is a boater's dream with 253 marinas and harbors, nearby state parks, and an extensive list of activities that includes fishing, watersports, swimming, hiking, crabbing, fishing, boat racing, boating clubs, shows, and social events on the Chesapeake Bay. Annapolis boasts 400 miles of coastline, the perfect playground for any boater with or without their family in tow.

Rent a Boat in Charleston, South Carolina

Boating and water-centered activities are considered a way of life in Charleston, South Carolina. With an abundance of inlets, harbors, and marinas that offer serene sights, boaters in Charleston will never get bored. If you are unsure of your seafaring needs, an abundance of boating clubs and sailing schools await your arrival. While you let your sea legs adjust, you can visit the historical city center or explore the various art galleries, antique shops, and restaurants.


Rent a Boat in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Some call it the Venice of America and they would be right in that Fort Lauderdale, Florida boasts over 300 miles of inland waterways. However, Venetian romance can be lost in the shuffle of daily life in Fort Lauderdale. The Annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show, the largest of its kind in the world, draws a crowd while vacationers and travelers alike use the city as a launching and docking point due to it’s geographical proximity to the Bahamas. Whether you are visiting for the long haul or just passing through, Fort Lauderdale will not lead you wrong.

Boat Rentals in Tampa, Florida

Geographically Tampa is Florida’s largest estuary and with that title comes great mystique. While Tampa is hopping with shopping and sightseeing by day and bars by night, it is the exploration of the keys that is the true gem of Tampa Bay. If you are on a boat a whole new world awaits in hidden bays, rivers, and ruins. Commandeer an island of your own in Tampa Bay and escape the bustle of the city for a day.


Rent a Boat in Key West, Florida

The Florida Keys offer year-round diving, cruising, fishing, and relaxation. The majestic Keys stretch more than 125 miles along the coast of Florida, beginning at Biscayne National Park in the north and tapering off in Key West in the southwest. Each key is unique and offers a different activity sure to entice the leisurely vacationer. Key West is home to Margaritaville (yes, inspiration to Jimmy Buffet’s catchy song), world-class scuba diving, blissful beaches, and some even say the best sunset in the US.

Key WEst.jpg

Rental Boats in Sarasota, Florida

Located on the Gulf of Mexico, Sarasota, Florida offers beautiful weather and placid water ideal for a relaxing ride. The region is known for the world’s largest manatee population and at certain times of the year, you are sure to see one floating alongside your boat. If you must escape the serene sights that Mother Nature offers, there is fine dining, plenty of full-service docks, shopping centers, and yacht clubs just off the shore. If you choose to vacation in Sarasota you won’t be disappointed.

No matter your boating needs, be it fishing, sailing, water sports, kayaking, canoeing, or fishing, the East Coast has it all. If you are new to the industry, it doesn’t take long to embrace boating as a way of life. If you are a seasoned sailor, then it is never too late to explore. So go ahead, book your boating vacation, rent your preferred boat on today, and start making waves!